Design Award-
Franklin Division

50,000+ people, all with a common love for robotics, gathered in Houston April 19-22. The teams, volunteers, emcees and judges all created an unforgettable atmosphere celebrating STEM. 🏆 We are honored to have been awarded the {robot} Design Award for the Franklin Division of the FIRST World Championship. What an amazing way to end the Power Play season!


Empower the next generation of change makers and innovators.

Founded in 1989, FIRST® stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”, and was the brainchild of Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway. FIRST is the world’s largest non-profit for kids robotics.

"FIRST® is more than robots. The robots are a vehicle for students to learn import life skills. Kids often come in not knowing what to expect – of the program nor of themselves. They leave, even after the first season, with a vision, with confidence, and with a sense that they can create their own future." – Dean Kamen, FIRST® Founder

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Dark Matter is a community-based FIRST® Tech Challenge team of high schoolers, based in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. Our goal is to impact youth through STEM outreach, grow FIRST® in our community and continue to develop our engineering skills.


About FTC

FIRST® Tech Challenge teams are challenged to design, build, program and operate robots to compete in a head-to-head challenge using an alliance format. Guided by adult coaches and mentors, students develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles, while realizing the value of hard work, innovation, and working as a team.


The Game

Each year teams are given a new game challenge. In the CENTERSTAGE℠ presented by Raytheon Technologies challenge, debuting September 9, 2023, FIRST Tech Challenge teams will raise the curtain on the power of design, creativity, and precision to create all new experiences.



FIRST is More Than Robots.

Our goal is to have a positive impact on our community through various outreach events, volunteering and service projects. We hope to inspire children to explore science and technology by sharing the excitement and rewards of STEM and robotics.

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FIRST Tech Challenge students learn to think like engineers. Teams design, build, and code robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams. We’re building our future.

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