2022-2023 Season

2022-2023 SEASON

FIRST World Championship: 4/19-22/23 Houston, TX

Design Award 1st Place - Franklin Division

Regional Championship: 3/5/23
  • Inspire Award Winner
  • Innovate Award Finalist
  • Control Award Finalist
  • Finalist Alliance Captain
  • Compass Award Winner (Tracy)

  • Deans List Finalist (Gaby)

  • Advancement to World Championship
Hammond Qualifier: 2/18/23
  • Inspire Award Second Place
  • Connect Award Winner
  • 4th seed, Semi-Finalist Alliance Captain
Alexandria Qualifier: 2/4/23
  • Inspire Award Second Place
  • Connect Award Second Place
  • Winning Alliance 1st Pick
World's Highlights
Our Robot "Lil' Chonk"


Custom designed using OnShape CAD. Mecanum drivetrains enable holonomic movement. Designed for speed, accuracy and easy navigation around junction poles. Motors inset for small 13×13.5 footprint. H design shape for in-taking at front or back.


One servo open and closes this claw. A penguin squishy gives it grip so cones don’t slip out.


Increase our cycle times by not having to turn the robot to place on certain poles.  Our entire scoring system fits on this 5.5 inch plate in center of our bot.


Two sets of slides for rigidness. Powered by two motors, synced with one shaft, allowing us to gear our motors for speed and travel to complete high pole extension in 1.54 seconds.


Our squishy worked so well in our claw we decided to hollow out  apple squishes for our beacons. No matter how we grab our beacon, it doesn’t slip out and we score a beacon plus a cone.


Outreach is an important part of sharing our excitement about FIRST & STEM with others.

  • Robot Demo at FRC Redstick Rumble 8/27/22 and 3/31/23
  • Bush Farmer’s Market Robot Demo 9/24/22
  • St. Tammany Parish Fair Robot Demo 9/29-30/22
  • Night Out Against Crime - St. Tammany Police 10/4/22
  • Barnes & Nobles Book Fair Robot Demo & Fundraiser 12/18/22
  • Boys & Girls Club Covington Demo & Karbos 1/6/23
  • Boys & Girls Club Covington Lego BricQ Motion Lesson 1/27/23
  • Bogalusa STEM Cafe Robot Demo & Karbos 1/28/23
  • Pine View Middle STEM Night 3/10/23
  • Boys & Girls Club Covington Demo, FLL & Karbos 3/16/23
  • Franklinton STEM Cafe Robot Demos 3/18/23
  • City of Covington Easter Event Demos & STEM 4/8/23
  • STEM Day 4/30/22
  • INIFINIcon 6/4/22
  • Robot Demos at Astro Camps 7/22/22
  • Teacher Open House 9/22/22
  • Scouts in Space 1/14/23
  • Back to School Bash Childrens Museum 7/23/22
  • Boo Bash Stem Catapult Activity 10/30/22
  • Stem Quest Day 1 Robot Demo 11/21/22
  • Stem Quest Day 2 Karbo Coding Robots 11/22/22
  • Women in STEM - Demo & Karbos 2/11/23
  • Stem Code Cube Camp (Pelican Park) / June 16-17, 22
  • Code Cube Camp (Pelican Park) / July 25-26, 22
  • Code Cube Camp (Northshore Tech) / July 27-28, 22
  • Karbo Coding Workshop / Dec. 20, 2022 morning
  • Breadboard Circuits Workshop / Dec. 20, 2022 afternoon

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Dark Matter
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FTC TEAM #14374

St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

FIRST Tech Challenge students learn to think like engineers. Teams design, build, and code robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams. We’re not just building robots, we’re building our future.

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