2023-2024 Season

2023-2024 SEASON


Total Reached
Outreach Man Hours
Days Connecting, Motivating & Being Engaged
Team Started
Regional Championship: 3/2/24
  • Connect Award - 1st Place
  • Inspire Award - 2nd Place
  • Promote Award Winner
  • Finalist Alliance 1st Pick
Lafayette Qualifier 2/3/24
  • Control Award - 1st Place
  • Motivate Award - 2nd Place
  • Think Award - 3rd Place
  • Winning Alliance 1st Pick
Walker Qualifier 1/13/24
  • Inspire Award - 1st Place
  • Winning Alliance Captain
Dark Matter/LSU Scrimmage 10/28/23

Winning Alliance Captain - 1st Place

Season Highlights

FTC isn’t just about robots, outreach is also a big part of the program! We performing outreach to spread the awareness of FIRST and STEM in our community by providing robot demos, presentations and STEM activities for kids. CLICK HERE to see our upcoming events.

  • Homeschool Day at the Capital Demo | 5/1/23
  • Boys & Girls Club Covington | 5/12/23
  • Covington Block Party |  6/30/23 
  • Southeastern STEM Fest | 8/26/23
  • St. Tammany PD Night Out Against Crime | 10/3/23
  • St. Tammany Parish Fair | 10/5/23
  • Baton Rouge Maker Faire | 10/7/23
  • Slidell PD Night Out Against Crime | 10/12/23
  • Saints Pelicans STEM Fest | 10/14/23
  • LASTEM Summit | 10/17/23
  • Covington Arts Festival STEM Tent | 11/11-12/23
  • WDSU Nola Now Segment | 11/17/23
  • INIFINIcon | 6/3/23
  • Robot Demo & STEM Activity for Astro Campers | 6/16/23 & 6/19/23
  • Teacher Open House | 8/17/23
  • Stennis Day in the Bay | 11/11/23
  • Homeschool Monday | 1/29/24
  • Robot Demo & STEM Activities for Campers | 6/21/23
  • Back to School Bash | 7/29/23
  • Boo Bash | 10/29/23
  • STEM Quest | 11/20-22/23
  • Girls in STEM | 2/11/24
  • Boys & Girls Club Covington | Lego Robotics Workshops - each Tuesday June-July
  • YMCA Bogalusa | Spike Prime Lego Robotics Camp - 7/24-28/2023


  • YMCA - FLL Team Battlejacks #61074
  • Dark Matter's FLL Community Team Next Level #61276
Our Robot "Lil' Shorty"


Custom designed using OnShape CAD. Mecanum drivetrains enable holonomic movement. Odometry pods used to better track the robot due to wheel slippage.


We decided on an active roller intake system to quickly pick up pixels in any orientation and go. 4 belt driven rollers with wheels to transfer pixels. Polycarb plates and a 3D printed ramp. Drop down rollers enable us to pick off the stacks and reach into corners.


A double claw that holds two pixels in a row. Each claw opens independently for controlled pixel placement. Powered by Axon Micro+. Pivot swings claw out to reach and score on the backdrop.

Lift & Hang

Misumi slide system used to reach the top of the backdrop for scoring. Powered by 3 motors tied together to spread out the torque needed to lift our robot for the end game hang. Hooks are CNC’d metal brackets attached to the last slide stage.

Team Prop

Round shape allows prop to roll around if hit by a robot.

Our team is looking for sponsors. Supporting our team not only helps us build our competition robot for the season, it helps us get out in our community to build enthusiasm and support for FIRST and spark an excitement for STEM. Visit our SUPPORT OUR TEAM page for sponsor information.

Thank You To Our Centerstage Season Sponsors:

Our team is made possible thanks to our generous sponsors. Our sponsors support us and we encourage you to support these businesses with your patronage.

Dark Matter
Community Team

FTC TEAM #14374

St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

FIRST Tech Challenge students learn to think like engineers. Teams design, build, and code robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams. We’re not just building robots, we’re building our future.

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