2020-2021 Season

2020-2021 SEASON

Off-Season Event - Pelican Park: 6/5/21

Winning Alliance Captain - First Place

Virtual Regional: 3/20/21
  • Top Ranked Team - First Place Robot Score
  • Runner Up Think Award
Virtual Qualifier: 2/27/21
  • Inspire Award - First Place
    Top Ranked Team - First Place
  • Connect Award - 2nd Place
  • Think Award - 3rd Place
  • Collins Aerospace Innovate Award - 3rd Place
  • Motivate Award - 3rd Place
Season Highlights
Our Robot "MJSJ"


Custom 6 Wheel Drop Center – Westcoast Drive. This drop center wheel design reduces friction on outer wheels to give us a very smooth turning robot.


5 spinning shafts are linked with chain. Latex tubing arms grab the rings and move them into our can. An arm that spins an opposite direction pops the rings up onto our ramp.


Rings move from the intake into our can system. The can is attached to a linear actuator that lifts the rings up to the shooter. Our yetter is a servo powered arm that yeets the rings into the shooter.


A 6in fly wheel gives us more contact area with the ring, allowing it to hold more energy and retain speed. Our shooter is mounted at a specific angle and calculated arc to allow the rings to enter goal at the peak of flight.

Wobble Arm

An xrail arm rotates to grab and lift the wobble goal. It is powered by a Rev ultraplanetary HD hex motor geared 100 to 1 for more control. We utlilized 3D printed brackets and a servo for grabbing the wobble goal stick.

  • 8/21/20 Mandeville High Robotics Summer Camp Robot Demo
  • 12/19/20 Barnes & Noble Book Fair & Demo
  • 4/2020 - Ear Savers for Life Savers
    Members of our team 3D printed ear savers for healthcare workers. We distributed over 300 ear savers to doctors, nurses, EMS Workers, and other healthcare workers locally and even mailed some as far as Texas to those in need.
  • 9/26/20 - Keep Mandeville Beautiful Citywide Cleanup

Due to Covid our team was not able to much in-person stem outreach. We decided to create videos with hands-on STEM activities kids could do at home. Our team recorded and shared fun video activities, shared links to stem activities and learning on our social media, and shared any other STEM related resources that the whole family could enjoy at home. View our videos on youtube: https://youtu.be/hGq-L3bZTQs

Dark Matter
Community Team

FTC TEAM #14374

St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

FIRST Tech Challenge students learn to think like engineers. Teams design, build, and code robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams. We’re not just building robots, we’re building our future.

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